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don't you believe YHWH isn't real? so you mean, the fictional character of YHWH, as you've interpretted him?

You don't understand Jesus' views on hell and I can safely guess you don't translate them from the greek yourself? Because they aren't what you, or mainline christianity thinks they are. In Christ's primary mention of hell-type judgment, he is warning those who don't take action toward resolving poverty, hunger, and other social justice issues (this is in Matthew 25). The word "hell" Christ often uses is referring to a physical geographic location mere miles from where he was allegedly speaking those words. It was a literal location. Someone in fucking Constantinople probably translated that to "hell" for some reason inevitably resulting in his or her own personal gain. I'm still learning about "hell" as it were, but at least I'm not reading an ancient text like it's a "for dummies" handbook. If you draw conclusions and don't do the etymology, you're a faux intellectual, a fox news pundit, someone loudly touting ill-gotten, faulty information about something that COULD be really important (like pressing upon people the importance of social justice as opposed to inciting fear of a firey afterlife).

Seriously dude I respect you but before you get sassy, read some shit, in the proper context and retranslate it yourself.. And for the record you sound extremely agnostic or perhaps judeo-christian--referring to YHWH as a real being. Or possibly like an angry Christian, in which case, maybe we relate.

You can post this on your tumblr if you must but I wrote this expressly to you, in reply to the comment you made on one of my posts--one that was personal and reflective in nature. It was awkward, like you're trying to evangelize me into not-believing; don't think for a moment you have a monopoly on truth, brother.

i say this completely in tough love.

1) Actually I went to seminary. I can read and write koine greek. I suck at hebrew though. Still one does not need to know hebrew to recognize YHWH for what the texts describe him to be. Again, good thing there is no reason to believe any of it is true. Same thing with Jesus of course.

2) Hell, Gehenna, I know the story. The texts ascribed to Jesus and the apostles are pretty clear. Still, just because you tone down 2,000 years of Christian Orthodoxy does not make the Christian belief any less incredible, as in not credible at all.

I bet that when Jesus supposedly said this:

"Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will warn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, who after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell (Gehenna): yea, I say unto you, Fear him". and "And be not afraid of them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell (Gehenna)."

he was actually making a mystical allegory about love, puppies, and flowers. Maybe apple pie too. And of course he was referring to a physical location! I mean, where else would you send immaterial souls to? Duh!!!

Just read Luke 16 for more details. (Oh and btw, Gehenna is not the only word translated in the New Testament for hell. Go check it out for yourself since apparently you have never heard of such a fact.)

3) Before making assumptions I suggest you look into things a bit more deeply. Your understanding of the texts is tenuous at best, to say the least. Look, at the end of the day is all about evidence. The thing that neither the fundamentalists nor the moderates have. The thing that all religions lack. You can reinterpret nonsense all you like, but at the end of the day it is still nonsense. 

5) In regards to social justice:

"If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed."
-Albert Einstein

6) I am an agnostic-atheist. Check my FAQ for details.

7) I am all for personal reflection. But the moment such are posted on the Internet they become public reflections. This basically means that people, like myself, could comment on them. The same way you have send me comments and questions about my posts. Even more so when you have the reply function activated. The solution to avoid comments from readers is obvious.

8) It is painfully clear that neither I nor anyone else can claim to have a monopoly on truth. To say that is to state the obvious. What actually needs to be said is that religion, especially Christianity, does not intersect with reality at any point. To call it a non-truth is to give it too much credit. Sister.

9) Yes, I promote a point of view. Sadly I am not surprised you took this long to make yourself aware of it.

I say this completely,

in reason:

in 1400 b.c., a group of nervous egyptians saw the nile turn red. but what they thought was blood was actually an algae bloom which killed the fish, which prior to that had been living off the eggs of frogs. those uneaten eggs turned into record numbers of baby frogs who subsequently fled to the land and died. their little rotting frog bodies attracted lice and flies. the lice carried the bluetongue virus, which killed 70% of egypt’s livestock. the flies carried glanders, a bacterial infection which in humans causes boils. soon afterwards, the nile river valley was hit with a three-day sandstorm otherwise known as the plague of darkness. during the sandstorm, intense heat can combine with an approaching cold front to create not only hail, but also electrical storms which would have looked to the ancient egyptians like fire from the sky. the subsequent wind would have blown the ethiopian locust population off course and right into downtown cairo. hail is wet, locusts leave droppings spread both on grain, and you have got mycotoxins. dinnertime in ancient egypt meant the first-born child got the biggest portion which in this case meant he ate the most toxins, so he died. ten plagues. ten scientific explanations.

the reaping (via xveganxwangx)

And totally unnecessary since there is no evidence such events happened in the first place.