reclusiveobscenities-deactivate asked:

To the anon who just asked "Its easy not to believe in anything, isn't it?", actually for many of us it wasn't an easy process at all.

I was raised with the concepts of jesus, redemptive prayer and hell drilled into me so hard that I spent the majority of my childhood afraid that I would die between prayers and would go to hell. It took many, many years before I was finally able to admit that I didn't believe at all.

And up until a few years ago, I would still have that nagging in the back of my mind that I needed to believe just in case so that I wouldn't end up in hell. It's taken a lot of work to get past all of the years of brainwashing I went through and it wasn't an easy process at all.

I've since realized that growing up in the church psychologically damaged me making true critical thinking more difficult. Fear is a powerful motivator making religion really hard to let go of for some.

Thank you for sharing.
I know what you mean. Add social ostracism to myth based fears (like hell) and you have a powerful formula for psychological trauma.