In a conversation with a federal informant, Ferdaus allegedly explained how in ancient times, God uses natural disasters to punish evil civilizations, and he would use them today. “For us, we’ve gotta do that,” he said, according to the affidavit. “Allah has given us the privilege … he punishes them by our hand. We’re the ones.” Ferdaus is a U.S. citizen who graduated from Northeastern University graduate with a degree in physics, according to the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts.

The previous reminds me of the following quote:

"Given the degree to which religious ideas are still sheltered from criticism in every society, it is actually possible for a person to have the economic and intellectual resources to build a nuclear bomb — and to believe that he will get 72 virgins in paradise. And yet, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, liberals continue to imagine that Muslim terrorism springs from economic despair, lack of education and American militarism.

I don’t know how many more engineers and architects need to blow themselves up, fly planes into buildings or saw the heads off of journalists before this fantasy will dissipate. The truth is that there is every reason to believe that a terrifying number of the world’s Muslims now view all political and moral questions in terms of their affiliation with Islam. This leads them to rally to the cause of other Muslims no matter how sociopathic their behavior. This benighted religious solidarity may be the greatest problem facing civilization and yet it is regularly misconstrued, ignored or obfuscated by liberals.”

-Sam Harris

lowkeycee asked:

Just to clarify; I don't know what you do in you're daily life, you're very right. I didn't mean "you" in a personal sense but as more of an object way of referring to the broader public who always seem to have something to say about 'those people over there'.

I think what you're missing is that a lot people in the Middle East are uneducated, especially in places like remote mountains of Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan. Being a believer doesn't make you stupid, I never stated that nor can I see how you could come to that conclusion from me simply stating that the educated Muslim, for the most part, wouldn't be expected to believe in Sharia Law because they are educated.

Anywho, my broader point was that the "state" of the Middle East at the time when, say, al Qaeda and the Taliban were able to come into power, and flourish, was created by, not religion, but global powers and their greed. America, and their selective aid to different countries, (like Iran who were being annihilation by Iraq; during the time Russians had invaded Afghanistan. All the while "democratic" Monarchies were being raised around the region, which we backed) created the reason why a quaker won't strap a bomb to his/her back but a very poor young man from one of these countries would.

I'm just pointing out that the reasons why things are the way they "are" isn't because a few rich and educated leaders of the 'jihadist' movement, as people love to put it, in my opinion Western Powers created this situation. Tis all.

Comments by paragraph:

1) It is not so much that the broader public seem to have something to say about ‘those people over there’. It is much more to the fact that there is no such thing as ‘over there’ anymore. We live in a global village where the actions in one corner of the planet impact the rest of its inhabitants.

For more details go here.

2) If belief in Sharia Law is the mark of the uneducated, why would someone else not be justified in asserting that belief in Islam suffers from the same lack of education?

To label what you personally consider to be unsavory in Islam as ‘lack of education’ is to the true believer a lack of true faith on your part. Personally I think that intelligent people can and do believe irrational things all the time. Religion is just one example. To falsely label it as ignorance is to excuse the real problem which is belief in things that have no evidence of being true in the first place.

3) Still in Tibet, where China has committed abuses and crimes that rival and even surpass those you ascribe to the “Western Powers”, there is no such thing as a Buddhist suicide bomber. Why?

Do you really believe that religion has nothing to do with it? Really? Really?

4) A victim mentality that excuses or ignores one of the root causes of religious terrorism will never lead us out of the violent vicious circle we experience today.

Again, no group of people (be it tribe, nation or country) has been negatively affected by becoming more reasonable.

Take care.
In reason:


The first thing that all honest students of Islam must admit is that it is not absolutely clear where members of al Qaeda, the Taliban, al-Shabab, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hamas, and other Muslim terrorist groups have misconstrued their religious obligations. If they are “extremists” who have deformed an ancient faith into a death cult, they haven’t deformed it by much. When one reads the Koran and the hadith, and consults the opinions of Muslim jurists over the centuries, one discovers that killing apostates, treating women like livestock, and waging jihad—not merely as an inner, spiritual struggle but as holy war against infidels—are practices that are central to the faith. Granted, one path out of this madness might be for mainstream Muslims to simply pretend that this isn’t so—and by this pretense persuade the next generation that the “true” Islam is peaceful, tolerant of difference, egalitarian, and fully compatible with a global civil society. But the holy books remain forever to be consulted, and no one will dare to edit them. Consequently, the most barbarous and divisive passages in these texts will remain forever open to being given their most plausible interpretations.

insideachrysaliswrithing asked:

hi there! i asked you a question a long time ago, and now i have another question.
i've been reading some hitchens and dawkins (and listening to maher), and one of the arguments they all make against religion is that it causes a lot of destruction, war, and lives lost. when maher made this point in a debate on his show, a panelist said that was not true - the people who claim religion as a reason for violence are doing it either for land or power, and that religion is not their true motive.
do you have any thoughts on this?

Surah 9:5

Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the infidels wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.

Who should we believe? The panelist of the Koran?

Abdullah el-Faisal, a 39-year-old imam, addressed thousands of young Muslims across the country on their “pressing duty” to learn how to fire guns, fly planes and use missiles in their mission to “kill all unbelievers”.

Who should we believe? The panelist or the Imam? (Notice how land nor power is the motive of homegrown terrorists since there is no way they would be able to attain neither in the land of their birth, be it the UK or the USA.)

Do not seek revenge for yourself. Strike for God’s sake. One time Ali bin Abi Talib [a companion and close relative of the prophet Muhammad], fought with a non-believer. The non-believer spit on Ali, may God bless him. Ali [unclear] his sword, but did not strike him. When the battle was over, the companions of the prophet asked him why he had not smitten the non-believer. He said, ‘After he spat at me, I was afraid I would be striking at him in revenge for myself, so I lifted my sword.’ After he renewed his intentions, he went back and killed the man. This means that before you do anything, make sure your soul is prepared to do everything for God only.

If everything goes well, every one of you should pat the other on the shoulder in confidence that (M) and (T) number (K). Remind your brothers that this act is for Almighty God. Do not confuse your brothers or distract them. He should give them glad tidings and make them calm, and remind them [of God] and encourage them. How beautiful it is for one to read God’s words, such as: ‘And those who prefer the afterlife over this world should fight for the sake of God.’ And His words: ‘Do not suppose that those who are killed for the sake of God are dead; they are alive… ’ And others. Or they should sing songs to boost their morale, as the pious first generations did in the throes of battle, to bring calm, tranquillity and joy to the hearts of his brothers.

Do not forget to take a bounty, even if it is a glass of water to quench your thirst or that of your brothers, if possible. When the hour of reality approaches, the zero hour, [unclear] and wholeheartedly welcome death for the sake of God. Always be remembering God. Either end your life while praying, seconds before the target, or make your last words: ‘There is no God but God, Muhammad is His messenger’. Afterwards, we will all meet in the highest heaven, God willing.

-Last words of a terrorist (9-11 hijackers)

Why shouldn’t we take the koran, the “prophet”, the companion of the prophet, or the hijacker’s words at face value? How can anyone say it is not their belief in god and religion that motivates these individuals when they themselves say it is so? Give me a break…