It is clear that more people turned out for the Sanity rally than for Beckapalooza. Not that any of the rallies change anything by themselves. Unless we vote, all our words are for naught. Sitting confortably at home is not an option. Go vote.


"The turnout was estimated by organizers at more than 250,000, but the figure was not confirmed by local or federal authorities, who do not estimate crowd sizes. An aerial estimate by CBS News estimated 215,000 attended, plus or minus 10%. In a similar estimate for a rally by conservative commentator Glenn Beck in August, CBS estimated the crowd at between 78,000 and 96,000”

-Team Sanity numbers more than 200,000, by some estimates -

In comparing rallies, size matters — and having covered the conservative and liberal rallies on the mall earlier this year, I can tell you that the Restore Sanity rally was much larger. This is fitting, because there are more Americans in the center than those who are on the right or left. And there are certainly more Americans who prefer the leavening effects of laughter to ideological fear-mongering.

This must be the love train conductor or something….