queenofthegaylions asked:

Why do you dislike Rick Warren so much?

1) A guy that preaches that homosexuality is the same thing as incest, child molestation or beastiality is more than contemptible in my book. Read his statements here.

2) A dude that misinterprets science and evolution on such a vocal and consistent basis should not be respected by anyone. See here.

The fact is that for all his supposed “piety” he suports the most hateful and ignorant positions anyone can imagine.

I don’t hate him personally, but his teaching and doctrines are another matter.

In reason:

People become atheists because of hurt, then seek intellectual arguments to validate their desire to live without God.
-Rick Warren

Really? Then:

People become Christians because their parents made them go to church, then reject intellectual arguments because of social pressure.

People become Christians because they fear death, then embrace the ideas of afterlife and divine sacrifice to excuse their behavior in life.

People become Christians because Rick Warren scams them with his profit-driven new-age spiritual bullshit, then disparage atheists because it’s easier than being intellectually honest.

Rick Warren is such a bigoted douchebag.