1) Where was the other person in the theater with their own 100 round magazine and AR-15 to stop the gunman? It is all the fault of atheists and liberals of course. For being so godless… All we need is Jesus. Right? Like in the middle ages. Come on people!! Wake up!!!

2) Who doesn’t need to fire 60 rounds a minute? Plus it is a constitutional right, hence I want to carry around a bazooka or an RPG with me just in case. I’m hoping the NRA is on it right now. Can you imagine all the tragedies that could be avoided if more fully automatic rifles with extended magazines are made available? It is a simple concept. There is no better way of stoping a fire than by putting more gasoline in it. Right?

3) In addition since background checks are ineffective there should be NO background checks at all. Just more guns for everybody. When everybody has a AR-15 with them at all times everybody will be so safe that police will not be needed. Imagine the billions in taxes that people won’t have to give to evil government!! Can you say personal posse?

The glorious republican future where everyone is armed to the teeth like Jesus and the disciples intended it to be. Because Jesus clearly said, “for all who draw the sword (even if it means cutting an ear) are blessed beyond measure”. Matthew 26:51-52

Right? Silly atheists. No wonder things like this happen.