Having your beliefs mocked and ridiculed is not the fulfillment of scripture. It is the natural outcome of believing ridiculous things. The people who wrote these kinds of prophecies weren’t idiots. They knew what they were doing. They were preying on your need to feel special. You’re being psychologically manipulated by charlatans, and holding it up as a point of pride. When you say things like, “the bible warned me about people like you,” you aren’t proving the timeless truth of scripture, you’re just demonstrating your own gullibility.

Indeed. No comment necessary.



…this business about “a new one-world currency”… seems a bit shakier when considering the recent news from Greece… At this point in history it can’t be easy to remain terrified of an impending “one-world currency.”

This isn’t the first time that the European Union has caused problems for LaHaye and the rest of post-Lindsey Bible prophecy fandom. They all followed Lindsey in believing that the 10 nations of the European Common Market were the 10-horned beast of the book of Revelation. When the common market grew to include more than 10 nations, they simply adjusted to the claim that it was both the 10-horned and the 7-horned beasts from John’s Apocalypse. Then they sat back to wait for the European Common Market to reach 17 members, at which point they expected Jesus to rapture them to heaven and start torturing the unbelievers left behind.

The European Union now has 27 members — a number difficult to reconcile with any permutation of horns, heads or wings from any given set of beasts in Revelation…

via slacktivist. I lolled.