Two Words

A new year began, not too long ago. A new life. Many years in the making. Who would have thought that we would have made it this far. More than a thousand miles traveled looking for a better life. A new job, a promise of happiness and a future, together. Because I wanted it. Because you wanted it. Because we both said those two words.

Many problems we thought we had left behind, many ways I had failed. We were young and clueless but sincere and hopeful that those two words were the beginning of better things. Of triumph over adversity. Of good things to behold. Oh It took a lot of work, geographical distance for a time, money saved, trying to use every chance we had to see each other and to believe that all the work, study and sacrifice would pay off the moment we said two simple words. 

So small words. So few letters, minuscule in sound but expansive in the responsibilities, privileges and promise. How much these words entailed. That morning, across the canon doors we went, and in front of society, of our family, we promised each other with those two words.

Almost five years have past. Now a thousand miles away, but in the opposite direction. Once again crossing those doors. Not with a promise anymore. No hopes of tomorrow. How did we get here? How can all that took so much work lead us here again in a different tone for a different purpose? A past that I wish I could undo. Of things I could have done but never did. Of help that, in ignorance and selfishness, I never thought to look for. This is not the way it should be, of promises unkept, of dreams that will never be fulfilled, of consciousness that will never see the light of day. I really meant it, even though I really failed. Because through all of it I really meant those two words that I said only to you.

A year began, no too long ago. And now my life comes to an end. Who would have thought that this is how it would be? After a hundred thousand miles, after working so hard for a new life, after all the pushing and lifting and crying and suffering, it will be done. After happy days of bliss, of new places discovered, of happy company and laughter, this is how it will be. There is still so more that could be done, but now i find that these can only be imagined.  I don’t want it to end. But you do. Because now we find ourselves once again, in front of society but in the absence of family, saying those two words.

-“Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health..”

"Do you, the declarant,  swear or affirm.."

-“To love her and honor her…”

"that all these statements under penalty of perjury…"

-“all the days of your life?”

"are true and correct?"

Two words to seal a promise and a beginning. Two words to affirm the truthfulness of the end. 

Two simple words… I do.