Jehovah’s Witnesses, for instance, haven’t established a university. They don’t sponsor a law school or offer graduate-level courses in world religions. The same goes for Christian Science. If you want to call those groups cults I will not argue with you. But Brigham Young University is a world-class educational institution, with professors who’ve earned doctorates from some of the best universities in the world. Several of the top leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have PhDs from Ivy League schools.

My Take: This evangelical says Mormonism isn’t a cult – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs

HA HA HA. Walter Martin, author of Kingdom of the Cults, must be spinning in his grave right now. Since when have christians determined what is a cult by how many colleges or PHDs does the cult/religion have?

The new found love between evangelicals are Mormonism is just one of political expediency. Since Jehovah Witnesses and Christian Science do not promote the fundamentalist evangelical political mantras, if any at all, they can be easily labeled as cults.

C’mon evangelicals. At least be honest about it.


Latter-day Saints would do well to recognize that no good works can compensate for a systematic, dishonest assault on the civil rights of others. It’s a formulation they can understand, so the message should be clear. Helping others is a human duty, not a fix for a bad image. A commitment to aiding the less fortunate among us is simply part of what the LDS church must do to be a credible religious organization. And as long as the leaders of the Mormon church exploit its resources — including its members, their time and their money — for the tearing down of the civil rights of others, the fact that Mormons act like compassionate Christians in important ways won’t mitigate the fact that there are important ways in which they don’t.


The [Mormon] church lied about spending only $2078 on campaigning in California, when they’d actually raised over $30 million, but admitted to spending $190,000, and certainly spent much more than that to influence the election. The penalty for this ethics violation was…


The lesson learned, I’m sure, is that when evil religious masterminds are plotting to commit serious ethical violations, they should plan ahead and budget 0.02% of their investment to paying off slap-of-the-wrist penalties.