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great blog! Seriously, keep up the good work. If I can play devil's advocate for a second, however, one might argue that the "project instead of a friend" bit could apply to ANYONE with an ideological agenda, religious, political, sexual, personal, or whatever. I find that people of almost all ideological backgrounds want people to agree with them, no? Again, I'm not disagreeing with the sentiment itself (because it's true) but just offering another perspective. Best!

The problem with religious proselytizing is that if you do not agree with them they have no issue stating you are worthy of hell. Yes, totally deserving of eternal punishment, pain, obscurity and torture.

We may disagree in politics or in sports. You can even reject my romantic advances but if you are a balanced person there should be no reason for you to believe that I am worthy of unspeakable ills. But apply the same to religion and all of a sudden hate is OK. Gays should burn unless they “repent”. Atheists have no morals, and even if they do show morals it does not matter since without believing in Jesus all of them are worthy of hell/death/torture/inexistence/separation-from-god-whatever-that-means.

Can you see the difference?

Thanks for the comment!

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Submitted by sohautrightnow
What he will do is:Send fornicating women (single moms or not) to hell.Send homosexuals to hell.Send abortion doctors to hell.Send militia members to hell.Send network members to hell.Send cross burners to hell.Send his enemies to hell.Send the non-christian poor to hell.Send the non-christian rich to hell.Among many, many, many others…..
"Depart from me, ye cursed, into          everlasting, FIRE…"-Matthew 25:41
Good thing we have no reason to believe any such nonsense is true at all.-FA

Submitted by sohautrightnow

What he will do is:
Send fornicating women (single moms or not) to hell.
Send homosexuals to hell.
Send abortion doctors to hell.
Send militia members to hell.
Send network members to hell.
Send cross burners to hell.
Send his enemies to hell.
Send the non-christian poor to hell.
Send the non-christian rich to hell.
Among many, many, many others…..

"Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting, FIRE…"
-Matthew 25:41

Good thing we have no reason to believe any such nonsense is true at all.

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you can go to hell (literally)

But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever says to his brother, ‘You good-for-nothing,’ shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell.
-Matthew 5:22

Good thing for you Anon that there is no evidence that such an imaginary place as hell exists. And I say this literally.


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Just in regards to that last Ghost question, I'm not sure who to believe. I'm working from a copy of Awake that was handed out on campus, i took the time to read it and appreciate the succulent comedy therein before tucking it away for later disection, but it just reminded me. According to Awake! June 2009 article Should You Be Afraid of the Dead? The Bible's Viewpoint:
- The bible declares that the dead are "conscious of nothing at all! and "impotent in death" (Ecclesiastes 9:5, Isaiah 26:14)
- Adam committing sin made him a "Dead soul" (Numbers 6:6) and that all of us inheriting original sin will die when we die (Romans 5:12) (Derp)
- Invisible spirit forces called demons are behind such attacks, and they delight in harrassing and frightening people (Luke 9:37-43, (Ephesians 6:11, 12)
- Satan, the father of the lie, is behind the lie that the soul is immortal

So, is there an afterlife or not? Because, according to these segments of The Bible, there is no Heaven, no afterlife, no reason to suffer or prostrate yourself unto the lord because when you kick the great bucket, that's it. If there's no heaven... why bother?

Awake is a publication made by the Jehovah Witnesses. Like Mormons and Scientologists, other Christians consider them a cult (except when they share the same political views, bigoted anti-homosexual agenda and anti-science stand).

The bible, being the great book of multiple choice where depending on what texts you decide to read you can support any desired conclusion, also supports the existence of heaven and hell after death (see Luke 16:19-31 for example). The fact of the matter is that the bible contradicts itself more often times than not.

The mainline christian doctrine on hell and heaven goes somewhat like this:
1) You die.
2) Believe in Jesus?
Go to heaven. Chill there until Jesus’ second coming where you will be (for some reason) resurrected to be with Jesus (although you were previously with him in heaven but whatever).
3) Don’t believe in Jesus?
Go directly to hell. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Be tortured eternally for a temporal crime.

The funny thing is that if you ask 10 Christians what they think heaven and hell is you will get at least 15 different answers. And don’t ask them about angels. The inanity only gets worse.

The texts you read in the magazine are used by Jehovah Witnesses to support their idea that after death there is nothing unless one is resurrected by god. There is an afterlife but not in spirit form (unless you are part of the 144,000 chosen but that is another more wacky story).

In reality no one knows what happens after death. Personally I think it should be very similar to what happened before one was born.

Take care.
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