…I am forced to say (with heavy heart, but probably not nearly as heavy as God’s was that day—judgment has always grieved God—He knows all about the sorrow of governance, believe me) that the swift death of the innocents, in the context of a certain and much-more-suffering death in the desert, was the most merciful and least tragic course of action…

…The conclusion of an enormous post at christianthinktank trying to justify the Amelek Genocide, ordered by the all-loving omnipotent Yahweh according to 1 Samuel 15.

I love the way these morons pretend to speak for God. Yeah, they know just how God feels when he murders babies… “It’s for their own good”. 

Remember according to New Testament Christian theology, when “God” murders innocent children who aren’t Christians, they BURN IN HELL ETERNALLY. 

(via contrararian)

Wow. Just wow…