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Hey. I'm not a religious person(not even a little) but I would like to say something about the "whack a woman" image(the one about islam) that you posted: this surely represents a huge sector of muslims, i would not even deny that, but hey...it surely does NOT represent ALL of them so, I think you ought to mention that atleast.

The problem is not the individual Muslim but the doctrine, what the Quran and Sharia Law actually say. The fact that the majority of Muslims can ignore the most unsavory parts of their “holy” books does not counter balance the reality that fundamentalist thought and action depend on them as the origin and justification of their unreasonable, hate filled actions.

It was well said in regards to moderate religion that:

We need to have inoculation against plague, not the spread of a more gentle version of it.
-Christopher Hitchens

Just stating “we don’t do that” does not mean that the “holy” books don’t support it. Treating such nonsense as holy is only a guarantee that there will always be someone who will put it into action.

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Agree with you 100%. A lot of people in churches act like they know and understand everything related to god and their religion, but what they are really doing is lying to themselves and everyone around them and that makes them the worst kind of hypocrites.
That's how I see it.... Don't get me wrong , I know there are people in church that are really humble and really believe in a god of love and forgiveness, but those are a few.

At work I got this co-worker that she once told a friend of mine (who is an atheist, no, he's really a hater of religious people, I wouldn't call him an atheist) , she told him that "she could kill him right now and that GOD would forgive her." So she really believes that she's so right with god that she could kill people that don't believe in her god, and she still be saved , and those she kill will be sent to hell.
She even thinks that George W. Bush was a man of god for going into this stupid war.... figure that one out.
I could just keep going with her stories... but I better not.
Talk later , Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the comment. Considering how Christianity is supposed to be “love thy neighbor as yourself” and “do unto others what you would have them do unto you”, it is interesting to notice how the most bible thumping Christians tend to be the most in favor of wars, guns, and the use of legislation to impose their particular myths unto others.

I’m happy that the progress achieved by the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, science and philosophy is still enough to keep such superstitious forces at bay. It is a good thing that a new generation is rising up to keep secular values alive and well in modern society.

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FYI: http://themakingofanatheist.com/

From the book promo:

"Christian apologists, from Dinesh D’Souza to Ravi Zacharias, have been quick to respond to the new atheists, revealing holes in their arguments and showing why theistic belief, and the Christian worldview in particular, is reasonable."

LOL!!! D’souza? Zacharias? This has to be a joke because otherwise it would make no sense.

The best part is the book subtitle:
"How immorality leads to unbelief".

Yeah, I wonder what lead all those pedophile priests to belief then…
Certainly that is the most conceited self righteous B.S. subtitle in the history of subtitles.

But the B.S. is not over yet:
"I give an account as to how the delusion occurs, showing that atheistic rejection of God is precipitated by immoral indulgences, usually combined with some deep psychological disturbances, such as a broken relationship with one’s father."

Mr. Spiegel, screw you. Maybe if you had a better relationship with your own father you wouldn’t have the need to depend on a made up sky daddy.

Like all fundamentalists that try to address reality via myth and superstition, they resort to insult, lies and misconceptions. If truth were on their side, there would be no need for such. How typical…