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What he will do is:Send fornicating women (single moms or not) to hell.Send homosexuals to hell.Send abortion doctors to hell.Send militia members to hell.Send network members to hell.Send cross burners to hell.Send his enemies to hell.Send the non-christian poor to hell.Send the non-christian rich to hell.Among many, many, many others…..
"Depart from me, ye cursed, into          everlasting, FIRE…"-Matthew 25:41
Good thing we have no reason to believe any such nonsense is true at all.-FA

Submitted by sohautrightnow

What he will do is:
Send fornicating women (single moms or not) to hell.
Send homosexuals to hell.
Send abortion doctors to hell.
Send militia members to hell.
Send network members to hell.
Send cross burners to hell.
Send his enemies to hell.
Send the non-christian poor to hell.
Send the non-christian rich to hell.
Among many, many, many others…..

"Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting, FIRE…"
-Matthew 25:41

Good thing we have no reason to believe any such nonsense is true at all.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (CNN) - Three Philadelphia priests and a parochial school teacher were charged Thursday with raping and assaulting boys in their care, while a former official with the Philadelphia Archdiocese was accused of allowing the abusive priests to have access to children, the city’s district attorney’s office said.

Belief in god =/= morality. Hope they all rot in jail.

"Victims of sexual abuse by clergy may find this news deeply painful," Rigali said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with them."

Screw you.

The boy told his parents, who confronted Brennan. The priest denied the allegations, according to the grand jury report.

The boy “suffered depression, dramatic weight loss, and drug and alcohol addiction,” according to the grand jury report.

"Ultimately, he committed suicide," the report said.

I came to understand that, more so than at any other time, she needs me to be her mother — a mother who loves and accepts her sense of normal. To do that, I had to put aside the teachings of the church I grew up in and embrace my daughter — in full — in a way that I had never accepted my brother.

One of the most touching articles I have read in a while. Check it out. It will be worth your time.

What a “non-surprise”. Apart from hard core catholic believers, did anyone else not see what has been patently obvious for years now? Of course not.

And then to read and hear the catholic clergy claim they represent god. Good thing there is no evidence to believe there is such a thing as a god to begin with. Since atheists have no need to attend the catholic nonsense that occurs every sunday in churches all around the globe, pedophile priests are low probability problem for them. Just another benefit of being skeptical, of not giving religion a free pass.

That being said it is important that citizens of all nations continue to put pressure on their respective governments to make sure that the catholic church does not get a free pass on this horrible issue. No one shold be above the law, especially those that claim to represent god on earth.


Article has 10 sample questions. Got 10 of 10 correct.

The survey is full of surprising findings.

For example, it’s not evangelicals or Catholics who did best - it’s atheists and agnostics.

It’s not Bible-belt Southerners who scored highest - they came at the bottom.

Those who believe the Bible is the literal word of God did slightly worse than average, while those who say it is not the word of God scored slightly better.

Barely half of all Catholics know that when they take communion, the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Christ, according to Catholic doctrine.

Yes. If there is a doctrine that needs ignoring is the doctrine of transubstantiation. Or in lay terms: magical cannibalism. No wonder people do not know about it. It is so ridiculous it boggles the mind.

Smith has a theory about why atheists did so well on the quiz - they have thought more about religion than most people.

"Very few people say that they were raised as atheists and agnostics," he explains.

About three out of four were raised as Christians, he says.

"They were raised in a faith and have made a decision to identify themselves with groups that tend to be fairly unpopular," atheists and agnostics, he says.

"That decision presupposes having given some thought to these things," which is strongly linked with religious knowledge, he says.

I agree. Thinking is the antithesis of myth and superstition. No doubt about it.