What God our cities will see is what we show them. From the beginning, light has shone in the darkness - he ordered it that way. And the deeper the darkness, the brighter the light will appear. Where is God in Aurora? He is shining brightly from the hearts of his people.

My Take: This is where God was in Aurora – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs

What a bunch of vacuous nonsense. If you had the knowledge and the power to stop the Aurora shooting before it happened, would you have stopped it? Of course. To not do so would have been to be complicit in cold blooded murder. If a god existed, his inaction would be the epitome of evil, immorality and total disregard for human life.

Good thing there is no reason to  believe a god exists in the first place.

In reason:

1) I liked that the article actually presented the atheist position, i.e the one consistet with reality. And it was the first one in the list! That is so unusual. Happy that was the case.

2) Notice how believers are all over the place contradicting each other. They can’t even get their story straight and they want me to believe in “god”?

The universe behaves as we would expect it to if a god did not exist.

In reason:


angry-hippo asked:

Hey, not trying to be argumentative, but even bullet proof clothing won't fully absorb the impact of a bullet, especially a higher caliber round. It doesn't always stop penetration either, and his gas mask was hardly bullet proof. I'm not saying that the massacre in Colorado would have necessarily been prevented by firing at the attacker, but your certainty that it would not have might be incorrect.

True, still no one assumes that a ballistic vest will turn an assailant into a invulnerable superman. The actual point is that the odds a person has to prevail over an assailant with protective gear and a semi-automatic rifle that can shoot 60 rounds per minute with a high capacity magazine in tow is extremely low indeed. Hence the “more guns are the solution” nonsense the NRA peddles makes no sense whatsoever.

Here are some facts:

  •  Law enforcement shootings usually happen within a distance of 5 feet between the leo and the suspect.
  • Some studies show that of 10 shots fired by the officers only 15% hit the mark. 

Remember these are trained individuals at really close distances and under such stress look at the low hit rates. Can you imagine what are the odds an individual with a handgun could prevail over the assailant considering the gear and the environmental conditions (dark movie theater with gas and a crowd running around you) when you look at the statistics? 

Another fact is that just because the suspect has been shot does not mean it will lead to automatic incapacitation. Suspects with life ending wounds have still been able to kill the officers that shot them before dying from those wounds. 

Either we attempt to come with some sensible gun control laws or, to make the fight fair, we will have to walk around dressed in swat gear with AR-15s strapped to our backs wherever we go. If that is the “freedom” these second amendment nuts want I am not interested. Bearing arms in the constitution does not mean they can’t or should not be regulated. Even more so after this tragedy. End of story.


1) Where was the other person in the theater with their own 100 round magazine and AR-15 to stop the gunman? It is all the fault of atheists and liberals of course. For being so godless… All we need is Jesus. Right? Like in the middle ages. Come on people!! Wake up!!!

2) Who doesn’t need to fire 60 rounds a minute? Plus it is a constitutional right, hence I want to carry around a bazooka or an RPG with me just in case. I’m hoping the NRA is on it right now. Can you imagine all the tragedies that could be avoided if more fully automatic rifles with extended magazines are made available? It is a simple concept. There is no better way of stoping a fire than by putting more gasoline in it. Right?

3) In addition since background checks are ineffective there should be NO background checks at all. Just more guns for everybody. When everybody has a AR-15 with them at all times everybody will be so safe that police will not be needed. Imagine the billions in taxes that people won’t have to give to evil government!! Can you say personal posse?

The glorious republican future where everyone is armed to the teeth like Jesus and the disciples intended it to be. Because Jesus clearly said, “for all who draw the sword (even if it means cutting an ear) are blessed beyond measure”. Matthew 26:51-52

Right? Silly atheists. No wonder things like this happen.