Behind the rise of Bangladesh’s Hifazat



Group that triggered deadly protests has surprised many with its rise to prominence.

How is it that so many influential and powerful islamic fundamentalist groups exist if they are just a “perversion” of islamic teachings that the extreme majority of believers do not support? I am actually curious. Any studies out there? Are we over counting the moderates and under counting the extremists? Are the enablers not counted or tallied under the moderate camp?


Christopher Hitchens said that his ‘time’ is coming as he made his first public appearance in months at the weekend.

The controversial writer and fervent atheist, who is suffering from esophagus cancer, attended the Atheist Alliance of America conference in Texas where he was presented an…




(Some) Atheists love Mockery



The most prevalent expression of atheism on YouTube has the mentality of, “Christianity needs to be mocked out of existence.”

This was confirmed once again today in my short discussion with CultofDusty, on his Blogtv show, in which he said, “Christianity should be mocked out of existence.”

Recently, I’ve been thinking about renaming Easter to April Fool’s Day

I guess that is the problem with a belief in a zombie that supposedly walked on water even though it was not frozen. Funny stuff.

In the Atheist/Agnostic community morality is like a cafeteria— a lot of picking and choosing taking place. Atheists don’t have any set of morals they just hop from one thing to another. It’s like a wherever the wind blows type of thing…If today raping people becomes a trend atheist will be hoping on that train too. They are..what’s the world I am looking for? Oh yeah I got it. They are bandwagon jumpers.

- Miss Raissa (via missraissa)

Actually raping kids seems to be a trend in catholic circles. It is not the Atheist/Agnostic community (whatever that means) you should be talking about. But again, there is nothing that can be said to those who are proud of putting their ignorance on display.

In reason:

I get comments…..

As a response to this post, “takeitasyouwill” said in the following:

Quite the contrary - I’m a fairly religious Muslim girl working with about 15 other Muslim girls in my community. We’re constantly doing anything we can to help prevent discrimination and homophobia. We’ve had at least 5 “feed the homeless” events in the Bay Area in the past 6 months, and we’ve recently held small events that have raised more than $6000 for Japan. And we aren’t the only Muslim communities that have done so.

Here is my response:

I said: “Where are the moderate Muslim voices fighting for the rights of Christians, Jews, gays, atheists and other minorities in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Afghanistan, for example?”

What does feeding homeless people or sending money to Japan have to do with the previous, I have no idea.

Answer this:

1) Do you believe gays are deserving of death because of their sexual orientation?
2) Should Muslim apostates be put to death for leaving the Islamic faith?

If you answer NO to any of the questions then:
1) How can you call yourself a Muslim? Haven’t you studied how killing gays and apostates is the proper Islamic response to the above?
2) What are you doing about it? Haven’t you heard that in places like Saudi Arabia, the land of the “prophet”, humans are murdered for being gay or for leaving the islamic faith?

Like I said:

"Just look at the Islam and Quran tags in Tumblr. Post after post of Muslims complaining about Islamophobia in the US but not one single post complaining about how non-Muslims are treated all over the middle east."

Thanks for proving my point.
In reason:


If my exposition is missing something, or if I am totally wrong please let me know in the comments how.


so-death-trembles asked:

I'm an aethiest, but I attend a youth group (Mostly just becuase of my friends there, but also becuase arguement makes me happy.) My youth leader keeps saying "Without God, how can there be beauty or love?" What's a good counterarguament for the love part? Becuase beauty is obviously just an opinion.

I stated previously here, there is no reason why the existence of a god would be necessary for love to exist. Why assume it is? Just tell them they are begging the question.

If that wasn’t enough, people that say such things are inconsistent since they never assert that “without god, how can there be ugliness or hate?”

Basically, love is what we call a particular set of real reactions in our brains. These can even be replicated or inhibited in different ways with particular drugs. It is obvious the existence of a god has nothing to do with it. It is all biology.

For a some additional comments you can go here and here.
Thanks for writing.



How ironic…

I’m following someone who’s an Athiest, and he proudly proclaims he’s a “relatively recently converted, unrepentant Atheist.” I will say there’s a deep sadness in discovering this. As a follower of Christ, it’s not easy listening to people proclaim their independence from God and…

A few things:

1)  You’re mistaken about people’s motivations for becoming atheists.  If you would like to know what actually goes through atheists’ minds during this process, read this letter or this website.  But not every atheist goes through this process.  After all, everyone enters this world without any religious beliefs.

2)  Life is actually more enjoyable and more precious because I’ve accepted that there is no afterlife.  Look around you:  the world is awesome.  The universe is awesome.  Being alive and getting an opportunity to enjoy it is awesome.  You’ve been brainwashed if you think that you need to believe in the afterlife in order to be happy.

3)  Thinking with your heart, and not with your rational faculties, is dangerous because it can cause you to trick yourself in believing something that is false.  I don’t respect reason for its own sake, but simply for the fact that it’s the best way to reach conclusions that are true.  And I value the truth much more than I value my intuition or my gut feelings.

4)  If you believe in the God of the Bible, and you have actually taken the time to read the Bible, then you would realize that he couldn’t possibly be perfect, all-loving, and all-forgiving.  Here’s a list of 1,189 Bible verses that demonstrate his cruel, violent nature.

theloveyoumake asked:

In reference to the question you just posted, about Atheist being attacked for being Atheist, how would you explain it when Atheist make fun of religions? I ask this mostly because of my father, who is always constantly saying Atheist are ruining our nations moral fabric (yeah, he's a special man, whatever lol) and have no respect for other religions. But he has a point, Atheists sometimes have a bad reputation for being just as intolerant as the religions they don't believe in.
I hope you don't take this as a jab or anything because I love your tumblr. It's just something I wanted to say.

I agree in the sense that there are many eager and passionate atheists out there. Even a few nasty ones. But the label of “fundamentalist” for atheists does not apply, by far.

"No, please, do not mistake passion, which can change its mind, for fundamentalism, which never will. Passion for passion, an evangelical Christian and I may be evenly matched. But we are not equally fundamentalist. The true scientist, however passionately he may “believe”, in evolution for example, knows exactly what would change his mind: evidence! The fundamentalist knows that nothing will."
-Richard Dawkins

I don’t know of any concerted atheist movement to deny rights to other human beings (like the religious fundamentalist do with gays), to prevent reproductive rights or to spread lies about AIDS (like Catholics with women and condom use in Africa).

To compare fundamentalists with atheists minimizes the damage the religious do while at the same time slanders those that have nothing to do with such despicable things.

Dawkins continues:
"A politician may attack an opponent scathingly across the floor of the House and earn plaudits for his robust pugnacity. But let a soberly reasoning critic of religion employ what would, in other contexts, sound merely direct or forthright, and it will be described as a shrill rant…Restaurant critics are notoriously scathing, but are seldom dismissed as shrill or intolerant. A restaurant might seem a trivial target compared to God. But restaurateurs and chefs have feelings to hurt and livelihoods to lose, whereas “blasphemy is a victimless crime”.

I agree. Don’t you?

I don’t take it as a jab at all. I appreciate the comment. Thanks for following. :-)