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I'm an aethiest, but I attend a youth group (Mostly just becuase of my friends there, but also becuase arguement makes me happy.) My youth leader keeps saying "Without God, how can there be beauty or love?" What's a good counterarguament for the love part? Becuase beauty is obviously just an opinion.

I stated previously here, there is no reason why the existence of a god would be necessary for love to exist. Why assume it is? Just tell them they are begging the question.

If that wasn’t enough, people that say such things are inconsistent since they never assert that “without god, how can there be ugliness or hate?”

Basically, love is what we call a particular set of real reactions in our brains. These can even be replicated or inhibited in different ways with particular drugs. It is obvious the existence of a god has nothing to do with it. It is all biology.

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