Frequently Answered Questions

The following is a list of recurrent questions from followers, readers and people that happen to find this blog.

  1. How long have you been an atheist?
    Were you religious in the past? Part 1
    Were you religious in the past? Part 2
  2. Why do beliefs matter?
    Atheist activism? Why?
  3. Why are you so set against Christianity?
    Why do you hate believers?
  4. If god does not exist, why do you waste your time fighting against god/religion?
  5. Morality
    - Where do atheists get their morals from?
    - How can there be morality without god?
    - Is god the source of morality?
    - Can there be morals in the absence of religion?
    - Reasoned morality.
  6. Should one wager in favor of god’s existence because by living life accordingly one has everything to gain, and nothing to lose?
    - Pascal’s Wager 1
    - Pascal’s Wager 2
  7. Is agnosticism the logical choice between atheism and theism?
    Have you been an agnostic at some point?
  8. Is religious moderation a solution to religious extremism?
    - On religious moderation
  9. Aren’t atheist as fundamentalist as some theists?
  10. Is atheism a religion?
  11. Isn’t atheism responsible for the greatest crimes against humanity?
  12. Are atheists afraid of death?
  13. Isn’t life meaningless without god?
  14. Why not deism?
  15. What do you say to people who ask you to prove that god DOES NOT exist?
  16. Do you celebrate Christmas?
    Do you celebrate holidays?
  17. How can atheists believe in nothing?
  18. Isn’t science as dogmatic as religion?
  19. Why can’t you accept other people’s beliefs?
  20. Why should there be something instead of nothing?
  21. Who is more irrational, the person who believes in the God they cannot see
  22. Can science prove that god does not exist?
  23. Evolution
    -Isn’t evolution just a theory?
    -What is the evidence for evolution?
    -If evolution is true, why are there still apes/monkeys around?
  24. Why don’t you accept the sacrifice that was made in the cross?
  25. Isn’t an atheist simply an arrogant know-it-all?
  26. Why do you think the bible was written?
  27. Is there any evidence that proves Jesus existed as a human being?
  28. Is science compatible with religion?
  29. Is science just as dangerous as religion?
  30. Doesn’t Islam teach peace and righteousness? Why oppose it?
  31. Are you Islamophobic?
  32. Why don’t you respect the beliefs of others?
  33. Do you have any tips on coming out as a non-believer?
  34. Do you have a list of book recommendations?
  35. Are you the same friendly atheist as

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