Prime examples of “Why a fedora”


Check this one out:

If you need to tell other people how “masculine” you are you¬†definitely¬†have a problem…like being a rapist in this particular case…

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    Oh my god, I haven’t laughed like that in a while. That is fantastic. Fedoras are totally ruined for me too, But I never...
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    Fedoras are utterly ruined for me. I saw a yellow fedora once, and got super sad because yellow is my favorite color but...
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    why, Why, WHY!? I have a fedora to go along with my pinstripe suit; I look like a 40’s gangster. I do not wish these...
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    I’m sorry, I just can’t take “I push heavy things” seriously.
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    Why do I have to share a gender with douchebags? :( My hat is a brown, Indian Jones variety. It is awesome....
  11. reachingthemoon said: I don’t even understand if they are serious or ironic…
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