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The fedora has come to represent a certain breed of sexists who think they're special snowflakes because of their hat. (It's a bit unfortunate because they're cool hats. But now they're associated with douchebag Nice GuysTM)

I do honestly wonder what does men rights mean. Is there a list somewhere? What rights are men not given or are they supposedly loosing? And why a fedora? Why would these men who talk about their “rights” wear them? The internet is a weird place indeed…

  1. zforzelma said: They do have some serious complaints (child custody battles, men afraid to report rape, workplace injuries stats) but they fail to realize these complaints are the patriarchy backfiring against them.
  2. riggmarole said: Tumblr is a very Feminist sphere, so there is a lot of bias. MRAs are often painted simply as women-hating, fedora-wearing dorks (and some are unfortunately just that), but this is to distract from the legitimacy of the community’s core platforms.
  3. mashkwi said: I’ve been wondering about the fedora bit myself for a long time though. A lot od MRAs I follow on tumblr are female and do not wear that hat. (though idk if they identify as such, a lot of egalitarians talk about men’s rights)
  4. rabbleprochoice said: From conversations I’ve had with MRAs they think they should have the right to force a woman to get an abortion/keep a pregnancy. They think they should have such a right to control a woman’s body in that way. Like, truly, they believe this.
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