ricrodrigo asked:

Feminists decided that the Fedora is a symbol of MRAs (men's rights activists), because some socially awkward men wear Fedoras. It's their way of shaming men who stand up for men's rights.

Oh ok. I had no idea. Thanks for clarifying. As a computer nerd I like Fedoras as a logo due to RedHat Linux. But that is another thing altogether. LOL!!

  1. retromantique said: Lol “men’s rights”
  2. riggmarole said: The main concern of MRAs is actually to get EVEN SOME reproductive rights and to not be discriminated against for parental rights. Think about it: what reproductive rights does a man have other than to wear a condom?
  3. marjchaos said: urbandictionary.com/def…
  4. red-liquid said: it’s because people who wear fedoras are douchebags.
  5. eximago said: MRAs should be shamed heavily.
  6. bandersnatchin said: to the MRAs men’s rights = male domination and patriarchal gender expectations.
  7. soundtrackswift said: standing up for “men’s rights” LOL
  8. biokitty said: Yeah, because losing our access to reproductive rights is TOTES the same as the patriarchal gender roles expecting men to pay for dinner.
  9. booksneak said: What do men’s rights activists actually do? Like which right are they missing out on?
  10. thefoolthewildcardarcana said: Feminists didn’t decide that, the MRAs really are that bad and that constantly wearing them. -.-
  11. loveisabanquet said: "men’s rights" what a silly concept
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