Q: How do you want nwktumblr to cover the shooting?


This is a (emotionally) tough one. Would love to hear—and share—your thoughts.

Speak honestly about gun control and the tragedy that easily accessible fire weapons inflict on our society.

  1. michaelleung answered: Don’t
  2. playthebside answered: media asking THE PEOPLE how to cover news topics >
  3. ljupkaiv answered: Yes , J like to hear and share my thoughts!
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    All day I have been trying to process this tragedy and I can’t. I was at work and seriously had to hold back tears as a...
  5. zforzelma answered: Talk about gun control. Don’t talk about the shooter himself.
  6. oliverrudkin answered: perhaps have a viewpoint of your own rather than pandering to the crowd? You’re supposed to be journalists for Christ’s sake.
  7. withmypensandneedles answered: Talk about how to prevent this from ever happening again-gun control that actually controls guns. No pictures and don’t use the shooters name
  8. cyberscriber2world answered: Completely
  9. popstronomy answered: Do not try to make it exciting or interesting.
  10. 636benjamin answered: How about nor giving the shooter any press. How about treating it like a streaker? Maybe if mass shootings didn’t get weeks of national cover
  11. recordingtime answered: not to cover the killer and why he did it. he’s got too much attention on him already, might just spawn more people to go out and shoot ppl
  12. measureddoses answered: Stay focused on the victim’s families.. nothing about the murderer or his motives is important.
  13. theirrelevantghost answered: I want to know about the victims. I want to know what made them smile, to remember that they aren’t just a tally. They were people.
  14. geoffreyacooper answered: Just keep children out of it. Leave them be. They are too young to comprehend the magnitude of an event like this. Interview parents instead.
  15. electriccharlie answered: Just the facts. No glorifying this through over-reporting. No speculation. No holding back about gun laws because “It’s too soon.”
  16. theklr answered: Infographic in the rise in gun tragidies leading to this shooting?
  17. vodka-redbulls answered: Let’s focus on improving humanity. The issue of guns wouldn’t exist if people did not want (or “need”) to hurt others.
  18. viraldi answered: Make it as boring as possible.
  19. kimchicreeper answered: focus on shootings that happen without media coverage, in underrepresented areas of underrepresented demographics
  20. 365limerickproject answered: Leave the kids and grieving families alone.
  21. brentbillock answered: No attention for the shooter. Solutions that make assault weapons less available to the mentally ill without outlawing legitimate ownership.
  22. takaram answered: Tell us what is happening. Confirm it. You know, journalism. Don’t rush to publish rumors just to get it on air first.
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    Speak honestly about gun control and the tragedy that easily accessible fire weapons inflict on our society.
  24. ghostofthewind answered: Just the facts and not guess like the Telly.
  25. aiai answered: Do not interview the children!
  26. melvillemifunemtumekonigsberg answered: by throwing away objective journalism and straight up demanding gun control legislation from the GOP House. Shame. I want shame on the cover.
  27. veloeellois answered: No pictures of victims’ families and crying children, please. They deserve privacy in the midst of this tragedy.
  28. laurakdempsey answered: Ditto on don’t go straight to the politics. Don’t encourage people to immediately leverage tragedy to make a point.
  29. cobaltbluetony answered: Stay off of the gun control, and focus on the mental health issues of this country.
  30. langer answered: I would, as usual, like for you to just delete your tumblr.
  31. ahb109 answered: Obviously there needs to be discussion about gun control, but don’t descend to partisan bickering. This is about mourning, not fighting.
  32. maltbysfalcon answered: Politically and morally. Gun control now.
  33. gabberdoo answered: Remind us of the victims. Do not glorify the shooter. Tell us what the heros did and give support to survivors. Bring grace to the coverage.
  34. artsy-techy answered: just a tribute. do not report anytihng else about it. there is enough about it already
  35. altidude answered: Search YouTube for “Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe 25/03/09” and tell us what you think of those thoughts.
  36. thethirdcomingofchris answered: I would love to see Newsweek provide a simple tribute without invading victims’ privacy. Then, spark a genuine discussion on gun control.
  37. anotherwildemilyappeared answered: Give the facts, express sincere condolences, but DON’T SENSATIONALIZE IT. That just gives more incentive for psychopaths to be violent.
  38. un answered: Talk about how you “the media” plan to stop rewarding attention seeking behavior. (not an indictment)…
  39. sad-man-with-a-box answered: Give the shooter as little attention as possible.
  40. apophatic answered: It’s less important to be first (“Breaking”) than it is to be thorough.