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The original version of the bible was not corrupted. The Quran is supposed to be the only unchanged book after the Torah, Old Testament, and New Testament. At the same time, there are so many people who claim to have seen Jesus (Isa) peace be upon him) in a dream. What is your reply to all this?

iranianatheist answered:

1) You said, “many people claim to have seen Jesus in a dream”. Ok! What does that have to do with anything? I am sure enough people see Santa clause in their dreams as well.

2) The more serious issue you brought up was that the Quran has remained unchanged. Well, how about we review this unchanged “holy” book.

When you read the Quran, Allah is constantly speaking to MEN, telling MEN how to treat WOMEN, how to handle women, and even instructions on how to beat women. Women are not the focus; they are well below men or even worse they are just objects. This is really no different than the Bible. In the Quran Allah considers women to be like a dirty field and says men should come forward with their penises to plow the field. It even says that your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you. This goes beyond objectifying women, it’s absolutely sickening to think of women this way, like they’re tools that god created for pleasing men. Reference for this: Quran 2:223.

But that’s not where it ends, the Quran tells us that men are a degree higher than women, and in cases of divorce the husband has more rights to take them back (Reference for this: Quran 2:228). And of course who can forget the justification of polygamy, which is only for men. Men can have up to 4 wives, but what about women? Well from an Islamic point of view, that doesn’t really matter (Reference for this: Quran 4:3)

Well what about inheritance, maybe the Quran will give women a break here, but no as the Quran tells us men inherit twice that of females. Allah seems to think of men as being better and more important than women; if he hadn’t made it clear by now he also wants to make sure we know that men are twice as important when it comes to inheritance (Reference for this: Quran 4:11). And well what about illegal sexual activities, surely women and men should be equal when it comes to being punished for an imaginary crime like this, but no, the punishment of life in house confinement is ONLY for women (Reference for this: Quran 4:15). As you read through the Quran you notice more and more that women are like objects in Islam and the Quran tells us that if you get tired of one there are instructions on how to replace her (Reference for this: Quran 4:20). There is absolutely no question about it, in the Quran we are told that men are in charge of women and they can beat women if the woman does not obey them (Reference for this: Quran 4:34). But what about the poor women, what if their husbands disobey them? Well nothing has been said in the Quran about this because clearly from Islamic point of view that does not matter!

If it was not clear enough the Quran reiterates again and again that a male receives twice the share of females (Reference for this: Quran 4:176)

We can go further into the whole concept of hijab, and how the Quran says Muslim women must reduce their vision and cover themselves (Reference for this: Quran 24:31, Quran 33:59). But of course this is because men can’t control themselves, what about women? Don’t they have a sex drive as well? Not according to Islam if you read the Quran carefully. If instructions for divorcing your wife were not bad enough, the Quran also gives instructions on how to divorce the kids you married, which ties into the Hadith about Muhammad marrying Aisha when she was only 6. This is a passage discussing how a man should divorce the woman he no longer wants, then it just starts talking about cases where the wife has not reached puberty yet. (Reference for this: Quran 65:4)

I haven’t even talked about how women have been treated in Muslim countries nor the hundreds of other awful passages from the Quran. I could go on and on, but before I do, let me guess, I am taking it out of context? Do you realize that religions only exist because passages are taken out of context and applied to today’s world? Besides, under what context is any of this garbage acceptable?

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Top Saudi cleric, a member of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars, claims that the sun revolves around the earth. He says that in order to be a true Muslim one must accept this because it says so in the Quran.

I would like to thank all the Muslims out there who tell me to go and see the scholars because I shouldn’t be interpreting the Quran myself and how the scholars know best. Yup, they sure do!